Linear Thrusters are precise but simple linear actuators which utilize high pressure air (up to 250 PSI) or low pressure hydraulic fluid (up to 500 PSI) for their motive power. Air cylinders are pre-lubricated at the factory and should be used with a filter-lubricator combination for best results. Otherwise, introduce a few drops of 10 weight oil into the cylinder every 500 hours of operation. Hydraulic cylinders should be used only with clean hydraulic fluid compatible with Buna N Seals.

Two spring loaded oiler ports are located on the face of the Linear Thruster housings. Introduce several drops of 10 weight oil into each port for every 100 hours of normal operation, more often if rapid cycling is necessary.

CAUTION: When removing or replacing the air or hydraulic cylinder be sure that the cylinder mounting nut is not over tightened. This nut should be tightened down and then backed off approximately 1/8 turn so that the air cylinder floats within the retaining shelf. This is to prevent binding of the cylinder rod and undue wear on the cylinder rod bearing or seal.

CAUTION: When utilizing the four tapped holes on the back of the Linear Thruster housing, take care to insure that the fasteners used are not long enough to contact the linear bearings. The outside cases of the bearings are very fragile and can be easily damaged by over-long screws.