Replacement of Bearings & Seals

Worn or damaged linear bearings can be pressed out of the housing after first removing the seals from both ends of the bores. The seals are pressed into the bores and can easily be prized out with a screwdriver or similar tool. Utilize a mandrel slightly smaller than bore and proceed carefully so as not to damage the bore inside diameter. Any traces of Loctite remaining within the bore should be carefully removed by scraping. Replacement bearings should easily slide into the bore with moderate finger pressure. Spread two to four drops of Loctite RC/680 around the bearing case, insert into the bore and rotate while pressing flush with the top of the housing. Set the seal atop the bearings and immediately force it into the bore using a mechanical or hydraulic press. Repeat this procedure for the other bearings and allow about 30 to 40 minutes setup time before returning the housing to service.

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Two & Four Shaft Linear Thrusters

Movable Housing Linear Thrusters